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Needles, used on Hong Kong Tailors, NY

Our Tailor
May Wu, Owner & Head Seamstress
May Wu brings 35 years of experience to her work. Born in  China, at age 20 she started her career as a garment worker in a factory.  As a result of her enthusiasm and skills, within three years she was promoted to become the supervisor of a team of workers. Later, she was transferred to the Sample Making Department where she designed & tailored both suits & dresses.
In 2005 May left the factory to move to New York City. There, she worked at a dry cleaning shop doing alterations & restyling work.
In 2007 she moved to North Carolina where she was employed by Lee's Tailor Shops with locations in Ralegh & Durham. She quickly became the head tailor for these shops. The high quality of her work helped to improve the shop's reputation. Thanks to May, Lee's Tailor Shops won many awards given by the local media.
In 2012 May returned to New York City where she was able to reunite with her husband & daughter who came to the US to be with her. There she resumed work at a cleaning shop. Now, she is happy to bring her talents to her new business, Hong Kong Tailors.

Hong Kong Tailors, New York's Finest, Meet Our Tailor
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